07 November

 Big changes with Switchvox

Digium has made some significant changes to their Switchvox platform in the last couple of months.  To start they unhitched the software from the hardware.  This is great news because now you can buy hardware upgrades without having to buy new software, and you can buy supported software without having to buy hardware.  This was a long time coming.

Secondly, Digium changed the price model for their software.  The software only version is now only $1000 MSRP.  This is a huge cost reduction from the $2800 MSRP.  This move makes Switchvox a much more affordable option for smaller deployments (20 and below).  With this change, Digium also eliminated the requirement for virtual subscriptions meaning clients that want to virtualize their phone system just became less expensive.  With these two cost reductions, Digium effected a slight uplift in the user subscriptions.  When looking at costs overall, customers with less than 150 users will pay less than the previous model.

Third big change is Digium has moved to using Dell hardware for their appliances.  This is beneficial because clients can now get the same great support on their phone system as they get from Dell on their servers, not to mention the same excellent hardware Dell is known for.  This hardware change does mean Digium has officially dropped support for internal cards in Switchvox.  This means any Switchvox users will now need to use Gateways for PSTN connections.  Digium offers both Digital and analog gateways supporting up to 8 PRI’s and up to 8 analog ports.

NPI has been a Digium partner for 12 years and is the only Select partner in the area.  If you need help with your Voice over IP deployment and are interested in learning if Switchvox is right for your company give NPI a call at 253-852-1543.


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