23 October

Your company relies on the internet for more than just sales.

Access to the web improves your customer service, social outreach, delivery tracking, and more.

While most companies focus solely on speed and ultimately price, choosing the right provider is essential to a healthy, growing company. Having dedicated and professional internet services provides many benefits to small and medium businesses alike.

Here are eight benefits you should look for and how they can help your business succeed.

1. Internet Services For Your Specific Needs

No two businesses are the same, so why should most internet companies offer the same cookie-cutter plans for business internet?

No matter the size or the data use of your company, professional service providers should evaluate the needs of your company and be able to offer honest advice and solutions.  Internet plans that take size and data use into account, can benefit companies of all sizes.

It's recommended to always look for a provider that can tailor internet services to the needs of your business, not just save you money.

2. Reliability

Not being able to access crucial business resources because of a poor or underperforming data connection can be a disaster for any company.

Depending on what type of industry you are in, it could not only cause delays in service, but also cost you money. If online sales are your game, a slow or poor internet connection has obvious and immediate consequences.

Even if you aren't reliant on online sales, it can hinder your ability to communicate with staff and customers. Customers expect quick responses to online inquiries. Without reliable internet, you could get the reputation of being non-responsive or underperforming on agreed upon obligations.

A company that isn't responsive, is a company may quickly cease to exist.  Professional internet services are an important part of your business's health. Don't let poor connection get in the way of your bottom line.

What would happen to your business if you lost the internet for 15 minutes? An  hour? A DAY?!? How to choose a business internet provider that will set you up for success.  [ebook] 

3. Speed

Businesses have to move fast to keep up with the world around them. That can't happen with slow internet speeds.

Whether your company is a small, dedicated team or a large group that relies on massive data usage, the right professional internet services should take care of your needs for speed.

Your internet speed impacts how fast your website will load for visitors, or applications will load for customers. Studies show that customers are only willing to wait for two seconds before going elsewhere.  Do your apps or websites load this quickly?  If not, you may want to rethink the speeds you're currently paying for.

4. Backup Your Files

When your system crashes, you don't want to lose all the information on your computer, nor do you want to wait for days to reload your files over a slow internet connection.

We say when, and not if, because it will happen at some point. Whether it's from human error, an online attack, or just an accident, your hard drive will decide its time to take the trip to computer heaven.

When bad things happen to the drive, professional internet services should be able to step in and help. They should restore the information lost thanks to cloud services.

The two main benefits of cloud service are that it:

  1. Frees up storage space on a phone or computer
  2. It provides a level of security against data loss.

Without having an internet service to help you, recovering lost data could cost thousands of dollars and hundreds of manhours. The cloud will save your company time and money.

Backing up files on disk drives or external hard drives just aren't enough. These devices can be lost or damaged easily and should only be used for catastrophic failures and should be stored off site.

Cloud services keep your data stored as long as needed and the stored information is easy to retrieve. It is an essential piece of the network security puzzle.

5. Security

Speaking of security, the internet has given criminals new ways to make their money. Cyber-crime is a growing enterprise, and companies are now targeted like never before.

Data breaches will costs companies 2.1 trillion dollars by 2019. That number is just an estimate though, and the fact that it's not guaranteed means something.

There is no way to calculate the damage cyber-attacks cause. Consumers lose trust in a business that has suffered attacks and they stop spending money.

Internet services provide you protection against these attacks through software and system monitoring. They update their security on a frequent basis, keeping up to date with the newest threats.

6. Adaptation To Meet Your Needs

No two businesses are the same. Some small businesses plan on rapid growth, while others want to stay small. Good providers have plans that meet the demands of individual situations.

Situations change fast in the business world though. Landing a big order can take a small business to new heights while losing a customer can force a medium-sized company to downsize.

When your needs change, professional internet services adapt.

7. Dedicated Support

When your services go down, getting them back up as soon as possible takes priority. Instead of guessing what the problem is and calling in an IT expert, wouldn't it be better to have a dedicated support staff?

Professional internet services provide personal support. If there is a network problem, support will be there to diagnose it and get you up and running fast. It will keep you and your customers happy.

Support can do more than just troubleshoot problems with their service. They can also help install new security and deal with the fallout from a data breach.

In short, they are more than technical support. Support keeps your business running smoothly and maintains the network that keeps money coming in.

8. Keeps Your Business Connected

If you have more than one business site, you shouldn't have to worry about more than one bill.

With professional service, each of your sites can be set up on the same network, allowing an office in downtown Seattle to have the same provider as your space in Shoreline or Kent.

Convenience matters. You shouldn't have to shop for two providers and pay two separate bills.

Employees from both offices can have virtual meetings as well, keeping them in their office instead of driving. This makes your company more productive and saves your worker from sitting in the horrible Seattle traffic.

You'll be able to share files across a remote network. One provider gives you real-time access to results and allows you to handle problems quickly.

One phone call is all you'll need to handle support issues and get your business up and running.

Peace of Mind is The Greatest Benefit of All

If you're running a business, you have enough to handle. Juggling payroll, special projects, and managing meetings takes up too much time as it is.

Why not make life easier for yourself and your employees. You work hard, you deserve a break!

NPI offers packages for every type of business, from small startups to companies with many offices and special needs. We are able to the demands of your growing business.

If you need professional internet services, contact us today!

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