29 September

Important Reasons to Upgrade Your Office Phone System 

In the Pacific Northwest, the office phone system is one of the familiar staples of business communications. Even as other forms of communication continue to change, the office phone system is the indisputable champ of connecting businesses.

Email has it's business function, and has an important role. But, every savvy entrepreneur knows the importance of a well-timed call and the power of human correspondence. People forget about the office phone system because it's often taken for granted. It's so foundational that people can't imagine it not working without it.  And to think of how far along we've come with office phone technology.  It's mind-boggling!

If you can't remember the last time you updated your office phone system, it's time to consider it. Here's why...

Don't Ignore The Obvious

AT&T was once the target of a monopoly bust up over phone lines. Now the company is trying to use state governments to cut the cord with millions of customers.

The future of telecoms lies with the internet and other digital options. Analog systems like Packet-Switched Telephone Networks (PSTN) phone lines are on the way out.  We might even say, they are out, and you might not even realize it.   Even attempting to retrofit an old office phone doesn't make sense anymore, as the technology is so outdated and expensive to use.  It's like using a bag phone in your car.  Can you even imagine seeing that on the road today?


Now, voice over internet protocol (VoIP) systems are doing what mammals did to the dinosaurs. Driving that old technology into extinction. (Yes, I know, it's a corney IT joke.)

Not your Father's Office Phone System 

VoIP phone systems set your business for the future. Even early VoIP systems are becoming antiquated and lack the latest features of today's modern VoIP system.

We noted in an earlier post here, that traditionally, users are charged for the number of lines supporting a business location.  Imagine you have 10 employees at 10 different locations.  In a traditional setup, you would need 100 phone lines.  With VoIP providers like us, you may only need 30 lines, shared via an internet connection, and seriously reduce your costs. With the best solutions for VoIP phones, you're often charged per seat, not per line, offering a valuable cost savings advantage.  Additional advantages include charging on average, not just peak usage times.  

Again, most VoIP providers tout low-cost plans for domestic or international calling.  This is a low-cost hook to get you to call, so beware!  The low cost comes with high cost features that are necessary for modern business.  With NPI, all the features are included.  Even IVR's and Conference Calling is included with NPI.  At the end of the day, VoIP is significantly less expensive than the phone systems of the past.

Additionally, you can do more with your time, staff and money with NPI handling a VoIP system for you. As the subject-matter experts, you can focus simply on growing your business and streamlining operations. VoIP scales easily for the size, growth or reduction of an operation and is positioned well for large corporate offices and many remote offices. 

What's better than a VoIP office phone system's speed, easy maintenance, and scalability? How about going mobile and keeping the cord all at the time?  VoIP systems allow mobile device integration along side powerful and reliable desktop options.

For maximum flexibility, you can either provide devices native to the system or add your employee's mobile phones to the network.

Video conferencing, an affordable and stable feature of VoIP, helps you connect. Even with a mobile workforce or global clientele, video conferencing allows for that personal connection. Remember, you are communicating with humans, no matter how fancy your business or telecoms have become, being able to see and hear people is impactful and says a lot about your business.

Video and mobile devices aren't limited to phones and computers anymore. 

The Internet of Things is the next big thing. Internet connections and data transmission make even ordinary tools revolutionary. Your business won't enjoy the IoT on an outdated or incompatible system.

Business Internet can either be amazing or a total pain. If you're frustrated by your internet, we can help!

Protect Your Business

The older tech is, the longer bad people have had to try to break it. This goes for both hardware and software.

Without a doubt, the internet has made business better. However, literally every business is at risk from a possible data breach. Not to mention the potential litigation that would follow. 

The future of business connectivity, in more ways than one. A VoIP office phone system ties you clearly and securely to your sphere.

Contact us to discuss how you can make the most of your telecoms.


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