26 July

Saving Money On Business Communications Systems

A phrase you've likely heard before is: "Communication is key". It's likely a phrase that you heard growing up and as you entered the business world.  And it's true when you stop to really consider it.  Communication is what your business needs to survive in an increasingly competitive market. It's how your team learns to function as a unit and how tasks get done. Especially when tasks are being completed in multiple offices across town or across the world, business communications systems is very important to business success.

For successful communication in business, it's important to give your team access to the best business communication systems available in the marketplace, giving them every possibiity to succeed.  Employees need to be able to communicate with other team members from a variety of devices and places. Including communicating with customers across town or across the world. This is how modern business functions and what clients have come to expect.  

And, if you're worried about the ever increasing costs of team communications breaking the bank, you're in luck! There are tons of business communication systems that are available within almost any budget!  Read on to discover more about how your business can communicate more and spend less!

1. Save Money on Business Communication Systems: VoIP Systems

VoIP systems are a great resource for businesses that rely on external communication. If you're part of a larger company with an overseas presence, you'll likely need to make calls internationally every now and again.  VoIP phone systems allow calls across the world to act like a call across town.  Phone handsets use the internet to interact and communicate via the web, but appear and function similarly to a traditional phone.  Now you get to enjoy crystal clear communication using the power of your VoIP phone!

Best of all, there are rarely drops in quality or connections because of the reliability of today's modern business internet. That means that you can make as many international business calls as needed, without worrying about quality loss or delays in voice travel.

Quality business communication is key when it comes to building relationships with your customers. Along with setting up VoIP services, you need a business communications system that works for the size of your business. Important systems factors should include:

  • Call Recording
  • Call Queue
  • Conference Calling
  • IVR
  • Sync of Mobile to Desktop
  • Ring Groups
  • Time of Day Routing

You'll even get some extra features like call waiting, caller ID and many more with NPI. It's all the convenience of a phone, but relying on the backbone of your business internet.

2. Use a Chat System

One of the most popular forms of communication doesn't even rely on the human voice. More businesses are utilizing the powers of a chat-based communication system.

There are tons of free options, many of which used cloud-based services.  You can use these services to assign tasks, schedule events, and keep track of clients. 

Plus chat systems tend to be more effective. You'll have the convenience of email with the casual nature of a text message.

3. Ask About Your Business Communication Systems' Support

Let's face it, sometimes things just go wrong. Instead of panicking, make sure you've got the right set of IT professionals to fix your VoIP system. Proper support is one of the most integral parts of operating a small business.

The right communication systems are about more than just the products themselves. They're about top-notch support that can elevate your team and help you fix problems in no time.

Before you commit to a purchase, make sure you're working with a company that will take care of you. Your business deserves individual care and attention, so always ask about IT services.

Get the fast, responsive service you deserve.  If your internet service goes down in the middle of the night, you want an IT support team that is actively solving the problem before you even show up for work the next morning.

A 21st Century Approach

Updating your business communication systems doesn't have to be costly! You can enjoy the great benefits of chatting and meeting with clients and coworkers all with the reliability of a business internet connection.  It just takes a little effort on your part to do your research, understand the products and services your business needs and then finding the proper IT firm that can outperform and deliver on their promises.

NPI can help you negotiate with carriers, install and configure phone and internet service, and much more. After all, no one likes dealing with phone companies. In fact, many of our customers would rank phone company negotiations equivalent to getting a root canal. But it doesn’t have to be such a hassle.

Get in touch today to see how you can transform the way your company handles communication!


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