01 December

Meet Maggie Levack


Please help us welcome Maggie Levack, our new administrative assistant at NPI.  Maggie is a married mother of two.  She has been married to her husband Matt for 3 years. They have a daughter and a son Mara and Mikey.  They recently bought their first home this past September.

Maggie grew up in Black Diamond and went to Kent lake High School. While attending Kent lake she took up American Sign Language (ASL); she eventually helped run ASL club. This language opened her up to a whole new culture, the Deaf culture. She attended many Deaf events and was also a participant in some like: The Christmas Tree Lighting in Covington where she signed Christmas songs, Silent Dinners at the Supermall, Silent Games at high schools, etc.  

After high school she took her passion to Seattle Central Community College to further her education in sign language and general studies.  Her goal was to be an interpreter; but while in school she worked for Druids Glen Golf Course as a line cook. She started working on pantry, advanced to sauté, and eventually also worked on the grill. She liked cooking, so she took a full time job at Merrill Gardens as a full time cook for 4 years.

She decided to expand her skill set by coming over to NPI as an administrative assistant and general organizer of the office.  

When she is not working, she likes to hang out with her husband and kids.  They like to play with bubbles and water balloons while it is hot.  She is a certified bubble engineer.  They are busy with the kids and their new home working on projects and taking care of the little ones. 

Fun questions for Maggie:

  1. What is your new favorite domestic chore? Debating with my 3-yr old about bed time.
  2. What is your least favorite domestic chore? Putting laundry away.
  3. Would you rather do an Office 365 migration or change a diaper? Considering I don’t know what an Office 365 migration is…I’ll change a diaper.
  4. Best decision you ever made? Becoming a mom.
  5. If you were a millionaire, what would you do? Pay for my kids’ college, then pay for someone to fix my yard. =)
  6. If you got a free one way trip to space, would you go? Nope, I’m afraid of heights.
  7. Who is the one person you would like to meet from the beginning of time to present day? My great grandmothers that have passed away. I would like for them to meet my children.



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