08 September

Do you want to make a positive impression on clients who call your office phone?

Do you want your company to exude professionalism at all times?

Of course you do!

Any phone call you get on an office phone could be of vital importance to your company's future. This means that it's important to treat each phone call with respect. 

Here are five ettiquette tips on how to answer your office phone properly: 

1) Train Your Receptionists Well

Depending on the size of your company, you may have a dozen, or even more receptionists answering your office phone on a regular basis.

Make sure to train them all the same when it comes to answering the phone. 

Develop a uniform greeting for your receptionists that includes stating the company name and their own name. It's important for receptionists to give their name to the caller, in case the caller wants to call back and speak to the same person. 

You clients will appreciate the consistency of hearing the same greeting every time they call. 

2) Transfer Calls Efficiently

More often than not, a person calling the company's main line needs to be transferred to someone. 

Be sure to transfer calls in an efficient manner. After delivering your uniform company greeting, ask who the person calling would like to speak with. Ask the person to hold a moment while you get the requested person on the line. Then, tell your coworker who's calling. 

This is very important. Do not just say that there's "someone on the line for you". Be sure to give your coworker the name and company that the person is calling from. This way, when your coworker accepts the call, he can meet the client with a warm greeting by using his or her name. 

3) Have an Appropriate Voicemail

Remember that this is a professional business phone and consequently your voicemail should be professional. 

Have a voicemail message that apologizes for missing the call, lists your office hours, and encourages the person to call back at a later time. Also encourage the person to leave their name and number, assuring that you'll get back to them.

Also remember to check your voicemail. Sometimes important calls slip through the cracks and there are valuable messages in your voicemail inbox.

4) Have Hold Music or Information

If you know that you're a busy company that receives a lot of calls, have a plan for those people you must put on hold.

Hold music is always a good option. Another option is providing a recording with information about the company, new promotions you're having, or products you sell. This will give your callers something to do while they're waiting to be helped. 

5) Treat Every Caller with Respect

Keep in mind that on your office phone you're not just representing yourself, but you're representing the company. 

If someone calls with an annoying question, you still must treat the caller with respect and dignity. This is crucial to avoid getting bad company reviews and losing business.

To Wrap Things Up

It's not difficult to answer your office phone with etiquette. 

Remember to train your receptionists well, have a quality voicemail message, and treat all callers with respect. 

If you have any questions about these tips or want to contact us for any reason please do so here.


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